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Sajell was created in the waiting room of The School of Pennsylvania Ballet out of a desire to let my daughter show her individuality and style while in dance class. Dancers work hard at their art and are so very dedicated to taking corrections and trying to blossom into the best dancer that they possibly can be.  It seemed to me that at least once a week, in variations class, they should have some variety and inspiration in their dance attire.  When variations class was over the night my daughter wore her new skirt, I found myself surrounded by her classmates, all wanting to purchase one.  It really exposed a need that these dancers wanted something new to wear. Their enthusiasm inspired Sajell.


Dance attire should be as individual as each dancer and so most of our skirts are not available in quantity.  I purchase high-end fabric from fashion manufacturers and usually only purchase just enough for a few skirts.  Sometimes there's only enough fabric for a single one.  I design all the patterns and do all the construction in-house. I have recently started digitally printing custom designs specifically made to become a Sajell skirt.  It's all very exciting and I'm having great fun doing it!  My hope is that you will be as inspired wearing your Sajell skirt as I was in creating it.

Susan Ramee

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